Please someone HALP

I have been searching for weeks all through the site for this one fic. I even looked at my old account and read through all my old reviews and cannot find it anywhere 😭😭😭 i don't know if anyone is still active here, but i figured, why not ask?
Okay so Bill was a foster kid staying with Tom and his family. He had burned down his last house when he was staying with his uncle, who i think was Jost but i cant remember for sure. The uncle was a police officer who sexually abused Bill, but no one believed Bill. There was a super sad ending where Bill had to go back with his uncle. There was also a sequel which i never finshed reading 😭 I cant stop thinking of this fic! If anyone can point me in the right direction, or has it saved somewhere, please email me


I don't know if this is even still active but i've recently gotten back into TH but lost my old account to THF.created a new one and realised a whole bunch of fics are gone now or i can't find them.

Bill and Tom are from different familes and they're in high school , both families are part of gangs or just have bad history and Bill has 3 brothers 2 of them are twins

If anyone has any type of fics please send them to me at

Thank you so much ^-^

Heisenberg Academy

Hey aliens. I'm looking for a story of Bill and Tom entitled "Heisenberg Academy". I would really love to read the story again. Would really appreciate if someone could send it to my email ( Thank youuuuuu.

Werewolf Bill and Tom

Hi there. Helping out a friend who has been searching for this story for a couple of months now. She remembers it being on THF. Bill is a famous model who happens to be an Alpha werewolf. Tom is also a werewolf but from another pack. Andreas, Gustav and perhaps an OFC is also in the story. Unfortunately, she cannot recollect the title or author and this was before she learned how to track or save a story. She did recall having read it about 4 years ago. I have tried various searches on THF but only managed a very limited result based on the given parameters. She thought the title was Werewolf or had the word in it, but I could not find it which makes me think the story might have been taken off. If anyone is up for this challenge and can help, it would be great.

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Captainhanzy's fic

Hi, new to posting here. I found one post about this, but I don't think that anyone answered. Does anyone have Captainhanzy's fic, "All it takes is time"? I remember reading it years ago, and it is one of my favourites. It had been deleted and I would loooove to read it again. Would appreciate if someone could send it to me my email is:
Thanks in advance!


Okay.. So I'm desperately looking for a story where Bill and Tom is a bartender but in different clubs. Tom is a popular bartender while Bill is a bartender in a gay club. Tom first saw Bill behind the counter doing his thing and did not realize that Bill is a guy. And after that he's been trying to fight about his sexuality. I really like this story and I really don't remember the title and I can't find it anywhere. I've been looking for this story for years. If you have a copy of this story or know where to find this please email meeee. I would really appreciate it!! ( Thank you Aliens. xoxo

Bill and Tom at university

Hi guys I'm looking for a story where Bill and Tom go to university and Tom works at a flower shop and his mom hoards and her appartment catches fire and Bill was dating an older professor and he got kicked out of his old college for it. I can't remember what it is called and can't find it if anyone knows which one it is can you please email it to me at i would greatly appreciate it!!!

Thank you so much!

I (desperately) need your help...

Hi guys,

I'm (again desperately ;_;) searching for:
- Honeymoon Suite by Remy
- Umbrella by Jellypencil
- Things I'll never say by Rikke
- an oneshot I don't remember the name, but I recall it is by undrockroll in which Bill got a fever and Tom took care of him.

I hope you guys could help me with these, especially with the Honeymoon Suite ;_; Thank you in advance ;_; <3
Davey Blilnking

Help! Bill/Tom fic search

Help! I'm trying to find an older Bill/Tom fic. In it Tom has been taking advantage of Bill while he was medicated, like on cold meds. When Bill got older he was having dreams about things young Tom was doing to him. Tom admits to what he did and they end up together while Bill can participate. Does this ring any bells for anyone?